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I just wanted to say how thankful I am for the service you provide not only to your audience of readers, but to site owners and web marketers as well. Cool Site of the Day usually finds great new sites that are "hidden" to the masses and uncovers them, resulting in a win-win experience for both the sites and their audiences. My own encounter with Cool Site of the Day saw my site triple its daily traffic on a consistent basis. In fact, the first few days after my site was featured, the traffic levels spiked ten-fold. Thanks again!
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-- David A.

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“Mike, I listened in on your last pocast and gained so much insight about how to improve my marketing strategies! I won't miss another episode! I purchased the directory submission software you recommended and it is working out great! Thanks for your great site and all the great advice! ”
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Fast Inclusion or Consultation Only?
Fast Inclusion or Consultation Only?

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